Fantabulous Design is a creative studio based in the mind and body of one woman with some clever (and/or crazy) concepts. 






Designing it all with the greatest of ease
infographics, ebooks, printed catalogues, posters, logos, car wraps, signage, online ads, websites, creative direction, brochures, stationary, white papers, tradeshow booths, magazine ads, art direction, billboards, tshirts, transit ads, printed books, illustrations, icons, photo editing, direct mail, business cards, interior office design, event themes, tents, wayfinding, yadda yadda yadda — seriously, anything.


Hey, branding isn’t just for cows
Maybe your company is having a tech conference that needs a special visual identity. Or you need a logo refresh on that out-dated mark from 1972. Whatever the branding need, let’s talk.

Print is definitely not dead
Give me your brochures! Give me your packaging projects! Give me your posters by the bushel! I love all forms of print design, heck I bleed Pantone 7621.

Having the great gift of gab
Whether you’re trying to market tube socks to geriatrics, in need of a punchy headline to get kids excited about cheese, or just want help naming a new fancy gizmo—let me craft a word or two.

A pandora’s box of brilliant ideas
Sometimes you just need a fresh set of concepts to jolt your message to the next level. And then sometimes you just want to see what crazy, hair brained schemes I can come up with.

Now let’s get super direct
Need to have a cohesive marketing campaign brought to life? Maybe something that includes emails, online ads, direct mail and a huge billboard with a cat's face endorsing your product? I can help with that!




Get some fantabulous graphic design that’ll wow ’em all!


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Some Satisfied Clients


Top-notch for innovative, modern design

"Creative, talented and practical are just a few of the many ways to describe Katie’s work. She is top-notch for innovative and modern graphic design that is both efficient and effective. From logo concept and branding design to interior and exterior signage, collateral, t-shirts and website concept design, Katie helped my business look great!."

—Elizabeth P.
 Founder, Artemis Yoga.


Professional, creative talent. Five++ stars

"I highly recommend Katie of Fantabulous Design. She is professional and incredibly talented. She provides an inspirational element to her designs and I've not worked with many people who have such creative talent — she's a superstar. Five ++ stars!."


— Jenny G.
 Fisher Green Creative

Insightful, thoughtful and highly strategic

"Working with Katie was always a pleasure — insightful, thoughtful, highly strategic, particularly within the context of being in a start-up and forging a new path together. Her design work was second-to-none, and was able to creatively portray client goals into beautiful work."


—Elizabeth Z.
 Co-Founder, MediaArmor


Always deliver, astonishingly effcient

"I’ve worked with Katie over several years and companies. She always delivers whatever creative hope I have — and more. She adds to it and gives it life. I love her style, I love that she brings her own (and very good!) ideas to the table. She’s also astonishingly efficient. She always under promises and over delivers."


—Bonnie T.
 Content Marketer, Beckon


Talented. Expect the unexpected

"Katie is one of the most talented designers I have worked with in the last ten years. She is insightful and has a capacity to turn business messages into a creative form; whether its an infographic, a powerpoint presentation, web page or just an amazing creative image. She also has an ‘edge’ to her ideas which sets her apart from other designers. Expect the unexpected and you wont be disappointed."

—Dayle H.
 VP Marketing, Lithium









Need a logo or brochure design that will knock everyone’s socks off?


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About fantabulous little me
Hi, my name is Katie and I’m a design-aholic. I’ve been designing for over 15 years. I cannot walk down the street without critiquing the kerning on posters or signs. I grew up in the backwoods of Maine where I was inspired to do art and naturally found my way into graphic design. The past 6 years I lived in the San Francisco Bay area where I got to work with some amazing tech companies. Now I'm back living in quiet Cape Elizabeth, ME. I say the word ‘wicked’ a wicked lot, followed by ‘awesome’. I’m an avid cook. And I am raising four furry kids who poop in the backyard.





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